What Things Do Marina Bay Sands Offer for Its Little Guests?

Marina Bay Sands is indeed one of the best hotels in Singapore. Yet, some people might not know that this hotel is also family-friendly. Of course, all the facilities and amenities here are desirable for everyone in the family. Yet, there are excellent places that kids would love to spend long hours there.

Facilities for Kids at Marina Bay Sands

It is true that other hotels in Singapore also have facilities and amenities for kids. But, Marina Bay Sands has more than anyone might have expected before. Among the best spots for kids include:

  • Digital Light Canvas

Let’s be honest that this place is fun for everyone in the family. However, kids will find this place as the place where they can explore their futuristic imagination.

This technology is a digital installation that uses a multi-sensor by mixing the LED floor and four-dimension light vision sculpture. With its 20-meter high canvas, kids can paint anything based on their imagination by using their footsteps. It means they can run in any direction to create great ‘painting’.

Entering this place is free for kids under two years old. The price is worth the wonderful experience that kids won’t find elsewhere at other hotels in Singapore.

  • ArtScience Museum

Kids can explore the latest science and art technology at the same time here. The Future World is the most recommended site to visit in the first place. This exhibition utilizes digital installations where kids can create a total art experience.

Kids will notice the bright, adorable lights which resemble the whole outer space along with the stars. They can also enjoy the playful slides where they can see lots of buildings and cities worldwide. This museum always updates the artworks with various interactive masterpieces so kids can find lots of different things anytime they visit this spot.

  • Ippudo

Take all those hungry kids after a series of playing hours. This Japanese restaurant will pamper kids’ extraordinary tastes with unforgettable menus. The famous menus here include handmade noodles, ‘hot’ ramen bowls that are made especially for kids, and also tonkatsu broth with various flavors that kids will love. There is no need to go to Japan to enjoy any of the traditional Japanese cuisines here.

Kids won’t deny the Kid’s Delight Set. It is a healthy food containing rice balls, and tonkatsu ramen, along with vegetable salads. The set also includes fruit juice. Parents wouldn’t worry about the nutrition within the meal packages here.

Of course, parents can enjoy the original hot ramen or the Shiromaru Motoaji. It is the signature menu where adults can enjoy the tonkatsu broth that has pork belly, homemade noodles, fresh spring onions, bean sprouts, and black fungus. This signature menu also has kids’ versions.

There are still too many things to explore for kids at Marina Bay Sands. But at least, those aforementioned facilities are not available at other hotels in Singapore. Kids will never forget their wonderful experiences as they will always want to get back for more dazzling holiday moments.