Tips for Saving Traveling to Bali

Who says traveling to Bali costs a lot? You can go there with a minimum budget of one and a half million rupiah. While able to save expenses, the nominal is enough for a week’s vacation on the island of the gods. Especially if you apply the following tips.

Find Low Season Time

Before going to Bali, first identify the holiday traditions in Indonesia. There is a peak season; It is certain that at that time the conditions of the tourist attractions were very crowded. On the other hand, during low season, not many people visit the island of the gods. Well, usually, the price of plane tickets and accommodation during low season is even cheaper.

Hunting Promo Tickets

Cheap airline tickets can be obtained from online travel agent sites. Usually, this website provides promos every month, weekly, or during low season. So, you have to be diligent in checking the development of ticket prices from various websites. You can also directly review the airline’s website with the aim of flying to Bali.

Using Tour Packages

Tour packages are promos provided by travel agents. You can reduce costs if you join the program. Generally, one tour package provides transportation, accommodation, culinary facilities, as well as several destinations. However, not all tour packages cover the cost of admission to recreational areas. So, keep a budget ready to anticipate.

Stay at Budget Hotel

The fourth tip is to stay at a low budget hotel. You can look for lodging around Kuta, Denpasar, or Sanur. The average room in the area is priced at IDR 99,000-200,000. If you want more savings, join the couchsurfing site. This website provides a lot of information about free accommodation for backpackers.

Dine at a Special Warung for Backpackers

Who is not tempted by the appearance of Balinese cuisine? Snacks on this island are known to be delicious and delicious. However, you should choose a low-priced dining venue if you want to be cost-effective. Usually, backpacker-only shops are located along the beach or the Ubud area.

Around Bali by Motorbike

Although in Bali there are various types of public transportation, there is nothing wrong with renting a motorbike. Besides being cheaper, you can tour Bali as much as you want. The rental rate for one day is around IDR 30,000-50,000. However, don’t forget to bring your SIM and STNK when traveling to avoid a ticket fine.

Shop for Souvenirs at the Market

Buying souvenirs is a routine tradition of travelers who travel to Bali. Along the way in Bali, you are sure to see a variety of interesting souvenirs. However, the price offered is definitely expensive. If you want to get cheap prices, visit the art market on the island. For example, Sukawati Market, Kumbasari Market, and Tanah Lot. There are various kinds of souvenirs, including paintings, accessories, clothes, sandals, and shoes.

Those are seven tips to save a trip to Bali that can be applied. Before leaving for Bali, don’t forget to prepare a travel package.  More complete after traveling in Bali with Ijen Crater Tour from Ubud Bali, make sure to have a pleasant holiday experience in Indonesia.