Street Foods Snacks from Around the World

Best Campus – Snacks on the side of the road are the best. In addition to being cheap, and has a variety of choices, the taste of the food is sometimes not inferior to the food in restaurants can even be more delicious. In Indonesia itself, finding various street food on the roadside is a common sight. Starting from meatballs, chicken noodles, martabak, batagor, and various other street food snacks are all complete.

The same thing happens in all countries. And because each country has a different snack, it can be said that street food can be the identity of a country. In fact, it is not uncommon for foreign tourists to deliberately come to taste various street food in a country. Well for those of you who also like the same name of roadside snacks, here are the various street food from all over the world!

Tteokbokki from South Korea

You KPopers or Korean drama fans must know this one food. Yup, tteokbokki is one of the street food that is very popular not only in South Korea but also in Indonesia. Tteokbokki itself is a spicy rice cake and is made from rice cakes that are then cooked with a spicy sauce. To make it taste better, tteokbokki is usually equipped with eggs and oemuk or fish cake.

Fish and Chips from England

Although popular in the UK, the original fish and chips did not really come from the UK. Chips or french fries originated in France or Belgium while fried fish was introduced by portuguese and Spanish people who came to England. In addition to potatoes and fried fish, this one food is sometimes served with peas, curry sauce or ketchup which is then wrapped in newsprint.

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Crêpes of France

You might think crêpes are snacks from Indonesia. Understandably this one snack is indeed very popular in Indonesia and can be found everywhere. Even so, the original crêpes originated in France. This food has a look like pancakes or martabak only very thin and dry.

Currywurst from Germany

Germany is known for its delicious wurst or sausages. Therefore, it is not surprising that foods made from sausages are also popular there, one of which is currywurst. This one snack is made from beef or pork sausage fried and then doused with curry sauce. To taste better, currywurst is also eaten with french fries.

Takoyaki from Japan

Another popular outdoor street food in Indonesia is takoyaki. Usually this snack you can find in a japanese mall or restaurant. Takoyaki is a round-shaped food like meatballs. This one snack is made of flour filled with fresh octopus pieces and cooked in a special frying pan so that it forms a ball.

To make the taste even more delicious, takoyaki is given dried bonito fish shavings, takoyaki sauce and mayonnaise. If you visit Japan, you can find this snack everywhere. But if you want to taste the best takoyaki you have to stop by Osaka. It is said that in this city takoyaki was first made.

Meatballs from Indonesia

Well if this one snack, you must often eat right? You could say, almost all Indonesians like to eat meatballs, even former U.S. President Barack Obama is known as a fan of meatballs. Made from meat dough and flour which is then formed round, meatballs are served with noodles or bihun and then doused with beef broth.

In addition to noodles, you can also add tofu, dumplings or beef ingested. Meatballs are not only delicious to eat at night when it rains, but also during the day when the air is hot. Considering that most Indonesians like spicy, a bowl of meatballs will not be complete without sambal that makes the taste more steady.