Get To Know Global Sevilla, the best International School Jakarta to know

Global Sevilla, one of the best schools in Jakarta supposed to be your number one pick for global standard education. The school is not only a place to achieve high academic results, but also a place to learn values, personality, character, and happiness. So, why should you pick global Sevilla international school Jakarta? Here are details to convince you.

Global Sevilla An International School in Jakarta

Being a school with international standard push Global Sevilla to be more than just an academic achievement institution. The school pinpoints the pivotal measure in helping the students to shape their personality, character, true wisdom, strength, and personal development. The school specifies its purpose through the day-to-day values of giving, self-control, and compassion.

Academics Level

Global Sevilla provides thorough education. The education or academic level started from kindergarten school with its IEYC curriculum for children. The next one is the primary school, using both Cambridge and IPC. Lastly is a secondary school, which uses IGCSE and Cambridge A level for higher education.

International Standard School Facilities    

Global Sevilla comes with its high-end and international standard school facilities. All are meant to help every student and learning activities have their best potential with the international school Jakarta’s facilities. The learner can learn with various facilities ranging from campus, room, court, gym, and sports field, to a special sensory room for the toddler.

Why Global Sevilla? 

Global Sevilla has its over-the-top offers. The school is also not only focused on academic achievement but also more personal development. It means the school pays attention to balanced and thorough learning, and character-building focus, and also brought out a mindfulness-based approach.


If you are up to joining the school, Global Sevilla is currently running two main campuses in Jakarta. The first one is on the East campus, located in Pulo Mas Jaya. The second campus is in West Jakarta, situated in the Puri Indah campus. The specific address is at Jl. Kembangan Raya blok JJ no 1. Both are part of Global Sevilla, which comes with equal curriculum, standards, and reputation.


As the best international school Jakarta, global Sevilla has a long list of achievements. It includes many students joining famous universities from local or abroad. Not only that but some students are also listed as top achievers for IGCSE and A-level examinations. The sheer numbers of students who get the best test themselves and enrolled in higher education have told the school’s quality.

If you are looking for a school with the best thorough education level and unique teaching values, Global Sevilla is the best you can find. The International School has its offers for young learners to high schoolers. It also teaches values, character development, mindfulness, and high-end facilities. So, don’t miss it and always check Global Sevilla for the best education in Indonesia.